Furniture is one of the most important elements of your house. It provides you with both an aesthetic appeal and comfortability. While setting up your house, one focuses the most on the bed as it serves your comfort the most. A visually appealing bed set with a soft and comfortable mattress can be a lifesaver for you in many cases but what makes the experience better is an awful and untidy mattress that can bring you discomfort and displeasure. To save you from distress, a mattress protector can be the most helpful accessory for your mattress. Before you opt for a mattress protector, make yourself aware of what it actually is and why you need it. Read ahead to know more.

Mattress Protector

Whether you own a foldable chair bed or a regular bed, care and protection is required for both choices. A mattress protector does not change the feel of the mattress and acts as a protection layer against any liquids. Since they are thin and waterproof, they are more convenient to be used as a protection for the mattress. There is a possibility of  getting confused between a mattress topper and a mattress protector but be aware that both are different. A mattress topper does not support the mattress as diligently as a mattress protector does.

Types of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are available in several types. The best type of mattress protector is the one that comes with a high-performance material on the surface to resist moisture and heat from the body. Mattress protectors with high-performance material are very expensive but they are considered the best option for those who have this condition of sweating during the night due to their breathable and waterproof abilities.

Second, the best type of mattress protector is the one that is breathable and waterproof but its surface does not have a high-performance material.  It has all the characteristics of an expensive mattress protector and is quite cheap in comparison. Pure cotton protector is one of the examples of such mattress protectors.

Then comes the mattress protectors made up of plastic. They are cheaper and are less breathable and last less time compared to the other discussed types.

Reasons why you need a mattress protector

It helps to protect the warranty of your mattress, since a mattress protector acts as a covering layer for your mattress, stains and dirt can stay away from the mattress making it more applicable to the warranty card. The warranty can be of great help in case you want to get your mattress replaced or renewed due to any issue.

It keeps the mattresses clean

Mattresses can get dirty due to many conditions as the human body sweats the whole night and leaves dead cells. Due to excessive use of creams and oils, stains can make the mattresses dirty. The mattress can get wet and even if it is very little, it will never leave the mattress.  Using a mattress protector will prevent any of these to ruin the quality and tidiness of your mattress and can be washed easily and often fulfilling the hygiene practices.

It helps to prevent mite allergy

Mite allergy is caused by dead skin on the bed. It is quite common and can cause snoring, asthma, stuffy nose, and shortness of breath. Dead skin is fed by mites so to get rid of them, a mattress protector would be of great help.

It helps to keep the mattress new

A mattress can be kept new and shiny for a longer period of time by consistent usage of a mattress protector. With a fresh-looking mattress, the addition of a minimal cushion and pillow, the placement of some bean bags around the room can make your comfort place a lot better.