Cushions are much more than just accessories to sit on. With the correct fabrics and design they can provide added flooring, decoration or storage space in your home. They can be used alongside floor cushions to create a vibrant flooring feature or even as a headboard. Mix and match the colors of the cushions with your decor for an added dimension, comfort and texture to your floor.

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What are floor cushions?

Floor cushions are exactly what they sound like - large plush items that you can use to sit or lay on the floor. Their unique shape and size make them perfect for floor seating areas, while their soft texture makes them comfortable additions to your living room.

How to Decorate Home Interior With Cushions?

There are so many ways to decorate your floor with floor cushions. If you have a huge floor in your living room, try placing large floor cushions that can accommodate and comfortably fit for everyone. You may also place floor cushions that match the main theme of your floor. 

For example, if you have a pretty modern floor, simply place floor cushions if it resonates with your theme. You may also choose floor cushions that have warmer colors with floor cushions that are painted with bright colors.

Floor Cushions

If you have a small floor in your living room, then simply lay floor cushions that are smaller in size. You may also place floor cushions on specific areas of the floor like around the coffee table or beside your fireplace.

You can also opt to place floor cushions in your bedroom. Choose floor cushions that go along with the design and theme of your flooring. For floor cushions that go along the floor design, you may place cushions with zebra prints or ones that are brightly colored. You may also opt for cushions that are plain, neutral colors that flawlessly team up with your flooring design.

If you have floor cushions with beautiful designs, you may find floor cushions that have animal prints or floor cushions that have designs from feng shui. These can add dimension to your floor.

Cushions floor covering

Perfect for a bedroom or seating area, cushions can be used as floor covering to create extra flooring. Not only does it add comfort and color, but also warmth on those cooler days. It is best to use floor cushions that are slightly bigger than your average floor cushion to ensure they fit the size.

Decorative floor cushions

Not only are floor cushions functional, but they also serve as floor decor. They can be placed in a pattern layout to create designs or placed sporadically throughout the floor for a more casual style. If floor cushions have patterns or designs on them, you can place them close together to create a unique floor design.

Warm floor cushions

On cooler days, floor cushions can keep you warm and comfortable through insulating your floor. Cushions that are cuddly or plush can keep you feeling warm and cozy without the need of floor heating. Plus floor cushions also add a sense of comfort and warmth to any room, making it perfect for living rooms.

Storage Cushion

Fill a floor cushion with clothes, towels etc for an all-in-one storage solution + soft flooring. Add cushions covers to make the floor appear stylish and organize your floor.

Some floor cushions can also serve as a headboard to complete the look of your flooring. Cushion floor coverings can be used for added warmth and comfort, bringing nature to you indoors. They come in many different styles and sizes, allowing you to create floor cushions that will fit into your flooring.


Floor cushions are perfect for floor decor because they can provide added comfort, warmth and design to flooring. They come in many different floor designs, floor patterns and floor colors to match any floor design. Whether you are looking for floor cushions to add some warmth on the colder days or floor cushions that can create a unique flooring style, floor cushions are great decor items that can be used to bring some comfort into your living room.