Relaxsit is one of the leading online stores in Pakistan where you can buy different household items, decorative items, furniture, and a lot more. Relaxsit has one of the best collections of bean bag in Pakistan. Isn’t it amazing that you can buy a lot more at just a click? You get a plethora of options at one website. Here are the details of some of the changes done for the convenience of our customers.

Inclusion of KalPay Installments

KalPay is an app through which you can buy any product at Relaxsit. This option was introduced for convenience for our customers. If you really like something and you don’t want it to get out of stock and buy it. If you don’t have that amount then you can simply use KalPay instalments. This is a method through which you can pay any time you would like within 3 months. You can either pay it all at once or in installments.

Many people ask about the method of using this facility. Well! You don’t have to do much as the process of using KayPal is very easy. Here is the procedure on how to use KalPay.

  • Open the website of Relaxsit.
  • Choose the products that you want to buy.
  • Add the products to the cart.
  • At checkout, while selecting the payment method use KalPay. You will receive your products on time and then you can pay whenever you want to within the next 3 months.

Now Avail The Diverse Payment Methods

Relaxsit was already providing its customers a number of options to choose from for payment. Like bank transfers, Cash on deliveries (CODs), and many more. An addition of payments has been added including credit Card Payments and Debit Card payments. Relaxsit now accepts these two additional modes of payment as well.

You can now use both Debit and Credit Cards for the payment of your products online at Relaxsit. There are many situations when you don’t have access to any medium and sometimes your mobile apps don’t have enough cash in them, in these cases, you can always use your cards to pay for your shopping.

Get Excited As Relaxsit Is Now Available AT

You can now get your favorite products from Relaxsit in stores as well. Not only online, but you can also buy products from Relaxsit in different stores across the country. We do understand that there are some products that you can only buy after looking at them. You have to make sure that the quality of the product is good. For that, Relaxsit is now available in the following stores.

  • Metro
  • Carrefour
  • Rainbow cash and carry
  • HKB

Relaxsit has always made the preference of its customers the top priority. We have made everything possible in our power to make you all convenient. As Relaxsit is one of the leading online multi stores of Pakistan, it strives to provide its customers the best.

If you are looking for a Lounger bean bag or a kids bean bag, then you check out Relaxsit’s latest collection of bean bags. Relaxsit also has a huge variety of different gadgets and foldable goodies that you can carry while travelling for your assistance. You will surely find something according to your interest.