Bean bags are relatively easy to maintain and care for. If caretaking is done in the appropriate way, they can serve you for the decades to come, which is all you need. The cleanliness and durability of a bean bag require dedication and if you have the will, you have a good chance to keep it for a lifetime. When it comes to the care instructions of your bean bag, it is solely based upon the outer layer of your bean bag. Often, you will come across an instruction label inside a bean bag, so your priority should be to look at that. All beanbags made by relaxsit come with an instruction label, you can browse for comfortable foldable chairs on the relaxsit website.

Factors to Consider

Before you buy a bean bag or hire a service to maintain it, there are some factors that you need to take into account. Let’s look at the key factors which can make your purchase worth it.

  • If you want to optimize your bean bag chair and make it an ever-lasting product then color fastness is a key factor to consider. No matter how much a bean bag directly contacts the sun, the color fastness will resist any color changes to the material, allowing your bean bag to stay in tip-top condition. There are numerous textiles that degrade or fade away with direct and prolonged contact with the sun.
  • As far as cleanliness is concerned, spot cleaning should be your way to go. Spot cleaning vouches for exceptional results but cleans with a light hand, so it doesn't produce a permanent mark. For materials like sheepskin, spot cleaning is one of the best options to go for.
  • Make sure you always have a topped-up bean bag that will not only help in multiplying your comfort level but maintain the shape too. Therefore, it is important that you keep adding beans over time in order to maintain an optimum level of beans to make the best of your time.
  • Don’t run, jump, and even hard-hit on your soft and chubby bean bags. These bags are not designed for jumping and running and might burst anytime due to recklessness. As they are made up of comfortable and soft material, treat them with the utmost respect and care to allow them to run in the long term.

Can you Refill a Bean Bag Chair?

Yes, you can refill a chair with some easy steps to follow.

Step 1:

Firstly, go through the bean bag from top to bottom to see if any rips and holes have occurred. But, if you have a premium bean bag, chances are your bean bag can’t be punctured.

Step 2:

Unlock the zipper found at the bottom.

Step 3:

Pour over the required beans into the bean bag and lock the zipper.

Step 4:

Now, sit on the chair and notice the difference. Still, if something seems wrong to you and you prefer a stiffer one, get it filled with it again.

Step 5:

Relax to the core and enjoy at your very best.

Are Bean Bags Washable?

Generally, many bean bags come with washable instructions. You can have a look at them and start washing.

Here are some of the general rules of washing with care:

  • Put yourself on the safe side by preferring handwash rather than machine wash.
  • However, if you choose to machine wash the bean bag, perform a gentle cycle with a low spin in lukewarm water.
  • After they are washed, dry them in shade.
  • Don’t use the dryer.

Final Words

After all, you might have seen that it’s not a difficult task to caretake your bean bag especially when you have the right tips to consider. Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned by the company to amplify its durability and condition.

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