Specifically, the condition of bedrooms and our beds and bed linen is the main thing to consider to the quality of sleep we get each night. Research shows that bed makers are the happiest, with a lot of productivity, affordable budgets, and a night of more quiet sleep. There are doctors whose purpose is to make us aware of this principle.  


As per studies, the bedding is huge with many languages that it is slightly confusing to the primitive among us. If you’ve ever found yourself confused by understanding what thread count means or what the most effective styles of materials for bed sheets are, scan on—our knowledgeable blog by Relaxsit, where all qualities are available to banish the question marks.

How to choose the best Duvet & Pillows for Bedding?

First of all, consider the foundation of your bed before going for luxurious bed linens. Abed doesn’t look well without a cloud-like duvet and perfect pillows. We have the best quality duvet in Pakistan at an affordable cost for our beloved customers. 

You need to change your duvet after every ten years. We have a variety of duvets choose the suitable one check if it is heated or not, and how you and your partner feel in bed. 

The most specific feature of the duvet is its tog rating. If you are thinking about what this tog rating is? It means measuring the warmth and heat for the surety of good sleep for the optimum temperature of the season. You should use 2.5 to 4.5 tog in summer, 9 to 10 tog for spring, autumn, and 12 to 13.5 for winter. Duvets are the best ideal scenario in all seasons.

It is also essential to consider how they construct the casing of the duvet. Studies show, quilting and baffle walls are the best way to retain the duvet shape and heat whilst. A down-proof casing shape made of high-quality will improve the weight and handle of the duvet.

Choose a pillow-soft enough to make you feel comfortable and firm enough to support your head, neck, and shoulders. For a test, place your pillow over your arm if, it droops then you need to change your pillow now. 

Always consider expert advice before determining the choice of pillow filling. Studies show those down fillers are the lightest and most comfortable duvets for peaceful sleeping. If you are interested to buy something sensitive, then Gingerlily’s silk duvets are hypoallergenic.

For the finest duvets, turn your thoughts to our online shop Relaxsit, with a wide range of cushions and pillows and duvets.

How to Choose the Best Thread Count for Bedding?

When we think about bedding thread count is the first thing that comes to mind. Most of the individuals don’t know why they should be so worried about it in the first place why high quality is always better. What does thread linen means in relation to bed linen?

We consider thread count as the measuring tool of quality of the fabric by counting the quantity of the threads per square inch. It is misunderstood as the high thread count, but it is used to measure the quality. Moreover, percale is a fabric with a thread count usually over 180 threads per square inch. 

Studies show that the quality of the bed linen will rely on the fineness of the yarn also the quality of weaving and finishing procedure. Relaxsit is all about quality than quantity. 

How to Choose the High-Quality Material for Bed Sheets?

The bed linen materials are made of cotton, silk, or linen. These all are natural breathable fibers and help us to regulate body temperature. But you have to choose as per your personal preferences.

The classic and fresh material for the bed is one dressed on the cloud of pure cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is the finest for bed sheets. It is made from long-staple fiber and gives a smooth and crisp finish.

If you desire to have super hair or hydrated skin then you must go for silk-made bedding. The structure of the silk strands is made of protein in this bedding material. It is equipped to lock and keep the moisture close to the skin. This results in a fresh morning face and less bed head. No worry if you don’t like glossy finish. As most bedding, silk-filled pillows and duvets are made with cotton materials. The linen material will give you a less ironed look, but after numerous washings, it will get more soft and wonderful. Generally, the silk-made fabric is called the satin, or cotton-made fabric is sateen.

It may seem like it is too much to consider but trust us, it is worth it. We have a variety of bedsheets with comforters in Pakistan for our worthy customers