Knowing which maternity or pregnancy pillow is best for you can be very challenging because there are so many different options available. As if carrying a human within you wasn't difficult enough!

This comprehensive guide will cover the various types of pillows that are available, the positions that can be achieved with each, and the significance of taking into account a pregnancy pillow, especially in the second and third trimesters.

What Exactly Is A Pregnancy Pillow?

It's important to clarify what a pregnancy pillow is before going over how to use one while sleeping. Pregnancy pillows, also referred to as maternity pillows, offer comfort to the body both during and after pregnancy.

These Cushion and pillow are larger than regular pillows and offer a wide range of shapes and sizes in addition to being intended to support the neck and head. Additionally, they are created specifically to take into account the changes the body experiences throughout the course of pregnancy.

The Impact Of Pregnancy On Sleep Quality

Any expectant mother will tell you that it can be difficult to fall asleep while pregnant. We list a few of the elements that can influence sleep at every stage of pregnancy below.

  • Discomfort

Your baby will begin to occupy much more space inside as they are busy growing and developing. The only drawback to this is that you will start to feel uncomfy as the baby works to get cozy and secure inside your belly.

  • Changes In Hormone

Such hormones! Due to the increased hormone levels that are rushing through your body during pregnancy, sleep disruption is a common side effect. Hormones are to blame for a lot, including waking you up at night, making you pee at 4 a.m., and making you feel sleepy during the day. As a result, it can be difficult to get the rest you require.

How To Sleep With A Pregnancy Pillow?

For pregnant women, a wide variety of body pillows are available. However, picking the right one might be challenging. Each one's functions and permissible sleeping positions are described below.

  • A U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

One of the most well-liked pregnancy pillows is a U-shaped pillow because it provides complete body support, relieving your back, head, neck, belly, and even your ankles.

For women who typically sleep on their backs or those who get restless and toss and turn during the night, the U-shaped pillows are a godsend because they don't need to be adjusted if you decide to turn over.

U-shaped pillows are typically slightly more expensive than many of the other types of body pillows because they are full-length pillows. People who share a bed may still not want such a long pillow because it will occupy a sizable portion of the mattress. However, if your bed is bigger and can incorporate the size, a U-shaped body pillow might be the ideal addition.

  • C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

The ideal C-shaped pillow provides complete back, head, and neck support while easing pelvic tension. For people who have fluid retention in their ankles and legs, a C-shaped pillow will also be of great help.

The C-shaped pillow's design allows it to be used in various ways and to create a wide range of different shapes, making it ideal for curvy girls as well.

The most common way to use a C-shaped pillow even when sleeping is to place one side near the belly and use the curved portion to assist the back.

  • J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

A J-shaped pillows is close to a U-shaped pillow in that it can be used similarly and provides the best back, neck, and head support. Since there is still some room for cuddling, the slight size reduction is great for couples who share a bed. For people whose beds are on the smaller side, it is also perfect.

A J-shaped pillows is ideal if you want a pregnancy pillow that is only used for sleeping in bed because U-shaped pillows have an extra side that it lacks.

  • Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge pillows allow you to prop yourself up while you sleep, which is particularly helpful if you experience nighttime heartburn since doing so can help the symptoms subside. A wedge pillow is excellent for people who overheat or get too cold at night because you can put a cool pack or heat pad under it. The small size of the wedge-shaped Cushion and pillow helps make them very usable.

  • Body Pillow Shape

The only difference between a body pillow and a regular pillow is its length. Many people who aren't pregnant use them for this very reason they are wonderful to wrap your arms around and cuddle.

A body pillow won't be perfect for you if you need hip support because they don't offer much of it, but they are among the least expensive pillows on the market.


Finding sleeping positions that support the physical changes your body is undergoing while also taking your baby's safety into account can be challenging.

It has generally been determined that lying on your back while pregnant is not recommended. It is advised that you sleep on your side instead, with some medical professionals favoring the left side, but this does not mean that you must never sleep on your right side. Visit to get the best pregnancy pillow.