Your pillows' quality is equally as vital as your mattress's quality. Sleeping on a luxurious, flawlessly comfortable mattress while resting your head on cardboard slices referred to as pillows can have a significant influence on your sleep quality. Choosing the correct pillow is critical to getting a good night's sleep. They occupy 25% of our beds and bridge the distance between us and our sleeping surface. If you don't use a pillow that is appropriate for your sleeping posture, you might disrupt your alignment and, as a result, your sleep.

Hollow Fiber Pillow

The term hints at the structure of holo fibre. In reality, the name of the substance comes from its structure. This material's hollow holes between the fibres are what keep it warm, cosy, and breathable. It is a synthetic textile composed of polyester.

There are several advantages to adopting hollow fiber pillow. Here are the key reasons for its popularity in bedding: Value for money — Hollow fiber is a low-cost material that provides excellent value for money. Maintenance - This material requires little upkeep because it is often machine washable and quick to dry. It also doesn't need as much fluffing and rearranging as some feather and down goods. Lightweight — This is a light, airy cloth that will not weigh you down. Breathable - The hollow gaps in the fabric let the fabric to breathe and will not suffocate you throughout the night.

U-Shaped Bed Pillow

U-shaped body pillows give your complete body the maximum support and pressure reduction. Many pregnant women like full body pillows because they support the entire body, including the increasing belly. The U shape allows you to switch from left to right during the night and always have support for your head, neck, belly, and knees. The cushion comes in three different lengths, making it ideal for taller persons.

J-Shaped Bed Pillow

The form and softness of this side pillow aligns the body, considerably reducing and relieving aches and pains in the head, neck, and back, all while caressing and protecting the ever-sensitive 'baby bump,' during pregnancy.

This J-Shaped pillow is filled with luxuriant synthetic down fiber fill and comes with a hypoallergenic, 100 percent cotton pillowcase. While other pillows only support the head, our sumptuous body cushion supports the entire body.

This J-shaped body pillow is great for side sleepers because of its form and stability in this common sleeping position. As you recline on your side, this full-body cushion supports you from head to toe.

Flexi Deck Pillow

Ultra-Soft - This pillow is constructed of a hypoallergenic fake down polyester fiber (aka micro denier / down substitute) that has the same feel, weight, and qualities as real down.

No Allergens – Flexi Deck Pillow is hypoallergenic, odourless, lint and dust free, and chemically devoid of flame retardants.

Karate Chop - This pillow is super soft and has the characteristic karate chop appearance that only natural down can provide.

For high-end pillows, the fibers are extremely soft.

No lumps - Unlike inexpensive pillows that employ dry fibers that soon bulk up and require replacement, we use a fluid polyester fiber to keep the pillow filling smooth.

Covering - Any quality cushion shall made of a high thread count poly cotton mixed fabric that is machine washable and machine dryable.

Gao Pillow

The Gao pillow is made of 100% imported ball fibre polyester, which makes it soft, comfy, and long lasting. The imported ball fibre polyester filling has greater loft, is lighter, and provides pain relief while remaining puffier for longer.

Gao Pillow is a high-quality Round Pillow that allows you to rest on the floor, bed, sofa, or wherever you wish. It is built of high-quality materials, making it long-lasting.


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